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Individual Scholé Group Website Agreement


Thanks for your interest in a website for your Scholé Group. Our team has spent a significant amount of time developing a top-shelf website for use by any of the Scholé Groups in our network. Any group in the network may request this website, which we will provide free of charge along with website support for developing the site. Below are a few important details regarding the website we offer. Please review these details carefully before providing the required information and requesting a website:


Terms and Conditions


  • Scholé Groups will provide your individual Scholé Group with a fully designed website based on our template (viewable at
  • The website will be owned and supported by the Scholé Groups Network, including the domain name and hosting, which the Scholé Groups Network will purchase, implement, and deliver to the individual Scholé Group. The website may be used by the individual Scholé Group for as long as the group elects to remain part of the official Scholé Groups Network. If an individual Scholé Group elects to leave the network, the site will be removed from the world wide web.
  • A designated web manager from the individual Scholé Group receiving the website will be responsible for customizing the website (i.e., providing and updating content specific to their individual Scholé Group). This web manager will be given administrative access to the site, enabling the manager to add and change content, pages, images, and navigation of the site.
  • The designated web manager from the individual Scholé Group will have continued access to the Scholé Groups Network Website Support Specialist after completing the provided initial training on operating a WordPress website.
  • Each individual Scholé Group website will feature a section that promotes the Scholé Groups Network and another section that promotes ClassicalU. Both sections will be maintained by the Scholé Groups Network. The content of these sections may not be changed or altered by the individual Scholé Group web manager.
  • Each individual Scholé Group site will display the Scholé Groups Network logo in the top left-hand corner. Each individual Scholé Group may also display a separate, customized logo, specific to the individual Scholé Group.
  • Each individual Scholé Group web manager may make requests for enhanced features and designs that may be implemented in future upgrades to the site made by the Scholé Groups Network.


Please provide the following information for the setup of your website:

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