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Scholé—the notion of restful and contemplative learning, or learning from rest—is an attractive ideal. However, in order to truly embody this ideal in our homeschools and co-ops, we must understand it well. There are a number of excellent books to read, but how do you know where to begin? In this free lecture on ClassicalU.com, Dr. Christopher Perrin reviews two “Top 10” lists—one designed for new classical educators and the other for intermediate classical educators. For reviews of Dr. Perrin’s Top 55 Books on Classical Education, categorized by topic, see his course An Introduction to Classical Education.


Recommended Websites


When you are choosing what books your children or students will read, the stakes are especially high. That is why we have put years of research into The Classical Reader and this companion website, collecting and analyzing the K–12 reading recommendations of classical educators from around the country and seeking those readings that have been important and pleasurable to generations of students. It is an invaluable resource for every school and homeschool family for everything from book reports to reading for pleasure.

Give it a try—start sorting and filtering to see the veritable cave of dragon loot, the embarrassment of riches that will provide years of instruction and delight and help to instill a lifelong love of reading.


As students are learning Latin, logic, and other classical subjects, they often don’t get enough opportunities outside the classroom to put their skills to use. With a creative, engaging environment such as Headventure Land, we believe that students will enjoy practicing and strengthening their skills without the need for prompting. To ensure that environment, we have designed Headventure Land with many features, including games, videos, readers, downloads, unlocking content, scores, grades, and more!

HeadventureLand.com offers two types of zones: Lite Zones and Full Zones. Lite Zones are offered in a variety of subjects and levels, and these are available to anyone who signs up for a free account at HeadventureLand.com. Full Zones include much more extensive content and have a cost associated with them. Enjoy Full Zones for Song School Latin 1, Latin for Children: Primer A, and Latin for Children: Primer B.


Recommended Blogs

Sola Gratia Mom, by Colleen Leonard. Colleen is one of our own—the director of Sola Gratia Scholé of Cary—blogs about her Scholé Group. Follow their journey!

Ed Snapshots, by Pam Barnhill. Pam, director of the Scholé Group of Dothan, AL, offers help and information about homeschooling, resources for teaching, technology, the occasional easy recipe — anything you need to make you more confident as a homeschool mom. Anything you need to make your difficult day in the trenches just a bit easier.

Expanding Wisdom, by Jennifer Dow. Jennifer is the director of Paideia Fellowship: A Scholé Community. Her blog includes sections “Getting Started,” “What to Teach,” “How to Teach,” and “Making it Happen.”

Amongst Lovely Things, by Sarah MacKenzie. Sarah is a homeschooling mom, the author of Teaching from Rest: A Homeschooler’s Guide to Unshakable Peace, and the host of the Read-Aloud Revival podcast.

Simply Convivial, by Mystie Winckler. Her blog is about marrying the vision to the mundane, about working toward the mission with clarity and purpose while staying honest and humble and humorous about what that really looks like in a real house full of real individuals and real life.

The Reading Mother, by Kathy Weitz. Kathy is a Scholé Director and Scholé Mentor with almost 25 years of homeschooling experience. Her blog includes encouragement and practical helps for the homeschooling mother who seeks scholé and self education.

To the Moon and Back, by Dusty Shell. On her blog, Dusty shares both practical information like recipes, crafts, and homeschooling tidbits and also pieces of her own personal journey.

The Sunny Patch, by Tonia Lyons. Tonia shares weekly wrap-ups, free lesson plans & ideas, thoughts on Classical education, product review, and more!

Only Passionate Curiosity, by Heather Aliano. On Heather’s blog you can find resources for lesson planning, organization, booklists, easy crafts, virtual field trips, and more!

Afterthoughts, by Brandy Vencel. Brandy’s blog got its name from what it does, which is to attempt to think through the thoughts of God and man…So what does she think about? Good books. Charlotte Mason. Educational philosophy. News. Her rambunctious youngest child. Messy homeschooling days.

Living and Learning at Home, by Amy Maze. Amy’s blog has grown into a classical homeschooling blog, providing encouragement, inspiration, and resources for other classical homeschoolers.

Scholé Parent Education Communities

Pursuing restful or scholé learning can be a difficult task to tackle alone. Parents around the country are joining small communities in which they can share the joys and burdens of their journeys as homeschool parents. Many groups consciously meet in relaxed, beautiful settings for conversation, reading, good food and drink, and fellowship. In short, these groups provide opportunities for like-minded educators to engage in scholé themselves—so that they are strengthened, refreshed, and able to provide restful learning to their children. We encourage you to join or start a parent community in your area!


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