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As a Scholé Explorer you have access to a number of resources for discovering scholé (restful learning), which is integral to Scholé Groups homeschool co-ops. We’re excited to share these resources with you!

An Introduction to Classical Education

Explore the history of classical education and its modern renaissance. Dr. Christopher Perrin’s pithy booklet also highlights the distinctive elements of the movement, including its emphasis on teaching grammar, logic, and rhetoric (the trivium); the role and benefit of classical language study; and the extraordinary achievements of students who are receiving a classical education.

noun_53555 Download the PDF here.


The Introductory Guide to Scholé Groups

Discover the distinctive elements of Scholé Groups homeschool communities, including the scholé learning philosophy.

noun_53555Find the Introductry Guide here or on our website under the Scholé Model tab.

Selected Training Webinars

Join live discussions and training sessions with national leaders in the renewal of scholé and classical education, including . . .

Joelle Hodge
Author, Consultant
& Master Classical Educator

Sarah Mackenzie
Author of Teaching from Rest
& Founder of The Read Aloud Revival

Jenny Rallens
Speaker, Consultant &
Leader in the Classical Renewal

noun_53555All Scholé Explorer webinars are announced in our monthly newsletter. You can also find our calendar of upcoming webinars here or on our website under the Resources tab.

Selected Offers on ClassicalU

Discover opportunities to grow as a teacher and a thinker with selected offers on self-paced teacher-training courses from ClassicalU.


noun_53555ClassicalU is currently under development. We’re excited to release a beta version of ClassicalU exclusively to members of Scholé Groups in February 2016. Scholé Explorers will be given special opportunities to explore this enriching resource. Offer details will be announced in our monthly newsletter.

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