Scholé Mentors & Consultants

Certified Scholé Mentors & Consultants

These experienced Scholé Group Directors are qualified to help new groups get started and thrive. To qualify as a Scholé Mentor, a director must have two to three years of experience leading a Scholé Group and at least five years of experience homeschooling and studying classical education and pedagogy, and demonstrate leadership ability. All of these mentors have been interviewed and approved by the Scholé Groups network. New Scholé Groups are highly-encouraged to reach out to one of these mentors for an initial, free consult to help a Scholé Group start. Each mentor sets her own fees for ongoing consulting and mentoring of new Scholé Group directors. Each of these mentors is also qualified by the Scholé Group network to host and lead Scholé Retreats around the country.


Each Scholé Mentor can help you:


  • Implement a restful, scholé approach to homeschooling
  • Attract and grow your group with like-minded people
  • Cultivate a vision for restful learning and classical education in your community
  • Find and orient tutors to help with teaching in your Scholé Group
  • Provide guidance for developing your tutors as classical educators
  • Recommend and provide excellent documents such applications, agreements, manuals, and forms
  • Guide you in developing an attractive and useful website for your Scholé Group
  • Select a good-fitting curriculum for your Scholé Group
  • Select which anchor subjects to offer when your group gathers for community day
  • Select which special subjects to emphasize 
  • Manage the business side of leading a Scholé Group
  • Lead an excellent and successful information event




Colleen Leonard: Colleen Leonard is the Director of Sola Gratia Classical Academy in Raleigh, NC, which began as a Scholé pilot group in 2015, following three years of teaching a group out of her basement. She has been homeschooling for 15 years. She runs the SolaGratiaMom.com website and writes about her experiences in classical education and the journey her Scholé group has been on since its inception. She loves to bring creative, embodied learning to students, and help others create a more restful experience in their pursuit of a classical education. Her passion is to educate student’s heads and hearts for Christ. You can reach Colleen at solagratiaclassicalacademy@gmail.com.





Kathy Weitz: Over the past twenty years, as she has educated her six children at home, Kathy has pursued a classical education for herself as well. In addition to her own children, she has taught a number of other students, both online and in the classroom. After years of involvement in small informal co-operative classical home education endeavors, Kathy and several associates organized their efforts formally as Providence Prep in Purcellville, VA, six years ago. Kathy has helped lead the community there ever since, joining the Scholé Groups network in 2013. Kathy enjoys curriculum planning and knows how to bring restful and classical learning to a homeschooling community. Kathy can be reached at cottagepresspublishing.net. 





Jennifer Dow: Jennifer directs the Paideia Fellowship Homeschool community in Charlotte, NC, which has been a Scholé Group since 2015 and in existence since 2013. Jennifer is a CiRCE Certified Classical Teacher and has been teaching classically since 2009 in a variety of settings, including homeschooling her own children, teaching the humanities, classical rhetoric, nature study, and the fine arts in the local homeschool community as well as at The CiRCE Academy and St Raphael School. She is the owner and founder of The Paideia Fellowship, an organization devoted to coaching parents and teachers in how to teach the classical liberal arts through online resources and courses, live workshops and events. Jennifer is the co-host of The Classical Homeschool Podcast. Her passion is to help parents, leaders, and teachers grasp how to teach the classical liberal arts. She knows well how to help groups start and thrive in a restful and authentically classical way. You can reach Jennifer at jennifer@paideiafellowship.com.


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