Scholé Groups Statement of Faith

As an organization, the Scholé Groups Network is rooted in the Christian tradition, though we are not associated with any one particular denomination. As our name implies, we seek to present all teaching and learning restfully with scholé. While scholé as an idea originated with the Greeks, it was transformed and extended by church, especially in monastic centers of education. The Scholé Groups Network seeks to recover this approach to education that is contemplative, “liturgical,” restful and full of Christian peace. Our faith commitment is summarized in the Nicene Creed.

Within our support network, each Scholé Group functions autonomously. As such, a Scholé Group may choose whether to specify a particular Christian tradition or denominational focus for their group. While the leadership of each Scholé Group should be comprised of individuals committed to the Christian faith, each Scholé Group may decide whether they wish to open enrollment up to students who represent another faith tradition, or no faith tradition.

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