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Scholé Groups are homeschooling co-ops that employ the content of a classical, Christian curriculum blended with restful learning or scholé.

Pursuing Wisdom

through a Classical Curriculum

Discovering Delight

in Restful Learning

Growing Together

in a Community of Learners

Our Goal

Our goal is to help you bring scholé (restful learning) to your homeschool co-op. We provide a wealth of benefits and resources to Scholé Groups at no charge. Take a look!

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Developing Healthy Community In Your Schole Group

I have been homeschooling my children since their earliest years. They came fast and furious, in just barely over three years, two boys and a girl, now ages 14 - 11. I have learned so much, but I am still a novice. My dad always told me, “The more you know, the more...

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Scholé Guilt

Guiltily, I take out the math facts drills, saddened that I am choosing to do “labor” instead of “scholé” again, wrestling internally over whether or not to have the child finish the assignment with which she is struggling. Do you struggle with scholé guilt? Have you...

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Aiming Your Students Toward Virtue

I f you are educating your own or other people’s children classically, then you desire to instruct them towards virtue. That sounds like a philosophical concept that isn’t very tangible to our lives in practice. However, there are practices and aims that will take...

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