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Scholé Groups are homeschooling co-ops that employ the content of a classical, Christian curriculum blended with restful learning or scholé.

Pursuing Wisdom

through a Classical Curriculum

Discovering Delight

in Restful Learning

Growing Together

in a Community of Learners

Our Goal

Our goal is to help you bring scholé (restful learning) to your homeschool co-op. We provide a wealth of benefits and resources to Scholé Groups at no charge. Take a look!

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Commonplacing: A Lifelong Practice of Scholé

My scholé practice of keeping a commonplace book predates my knowledge of what a commonplace book is. One of the most vivid memories from my youth is sitting at the desk in my vintage 70s yellow and orange room, copying quotes from books or lyrics from pop songs....

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Suffering, Scholé & the Highest Good

A mother’s suffering, A child born, A farmer’s labor, A flower burst forth, A student’s wrestling, A mind illumined, A savior’s death, A people delivered. A sinner’s repentance, A soul freed, And love is made known. ―Jennifer Dow, 2019 What do each of the stanzas in...

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Why Read Pagan Literature?

This post is based on brief comments at the Scholé Retreat 2019, Silencing the Sirens, and on an article from the author's personal blog, The Reading Mother. Most of us have probably been asked, as Christians and classical educators, if it is really necessary for our...

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