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Scholé Groups are homeschooling co-ops that employ the content of a classical, Christian curriculum blended with restful learning or scholé.

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through a Classical Curriculum

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in Restful Learning

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Our goal is to help you bring scholé (restful learning) to your homeschool co-op. We provide a wealth of benefits and resources to Scholé Groups at no charge. Take a look!

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Contentious Content

Contentious Content

Our author bank includes all sorts of contradictory views and philosophies. How do we square that with our mission? The Classic Learning Test is a favorite of many traditionally-minded and liberal arts high schools, whose curriculum tends to clash with the Common Core...

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Fight the Blues: Keep All 12 Days of Christmas

Fight the Blues: Keep All 12 Days of Christmas

Fight The Blues: Keep All 12 Days Of Christmas Reprinted with permission by Josh Gibbs As a little child, I unreservedly loved Christmas, but about the time I entered high school, I often found myself depressed around the end of the year. Christmas break means far...

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Enjoy Books and Ignore Authors (Mostly)

Enjoy Books and Ignore Authors (Mostly)

Don’t take advice from the wrong people. Everyone is telling a story. Everyone is kind of marketing all the time. So, if we believe the big problem of the world is bee stings, then we’re going to be telling everyone how [whatever is in the news] is reason for extra...

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