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Host a Scholé Retreat!

Here are the resources to help you host a restful retreat.

Host a Scholé Retreat in Your Own Town

The Scholé Communities Network has created a retreat template and handbook to help you host a vital, meaningful retreat for classical homeschool educators in your town or region. Have a look at the videos below that feature interviews with the planners of the retreat, actual presentations and discussions, and several testimonials of women who attended the retreat. We can help you plan and host a similar event!

Planning a Scholé Retreat

What Sets a Scholé Retreat Apart?

How to Help Others Host a Retreat

Conceptualizing and Planning the Retreat

What We Hope People Will Take with Them

What Will Make the Retreat Distinct?

How to Arrange the Retreat

What Does It Mean to Be a Scholé Muse?

What Attracted You to Joining a Scholé Group?

The Value of ClassicalU.com Training

What Does Scholé Mean to You? Part 1

What Does Scholé Mean to You? Part 2

Scholé Retreat Presentations and Discussions

Odysseus and the Sirens–Jennifer Dow

Orpheus and the Sirens–Brooke Diener

Dante and the Sirens–Kathy Weitz

Holy and Unholy Curiosity–Chris Perrin

Panel Discussion 1

Panel Discussion 2

Panel Discussion 3

Panel Discussion 4

Poetry Reading and Contemplation

Painting Contemplation

Testimonials by Those in Attendance

The Retreat Gave Me a Needed Boost

The Breakout Discussions!

A Sabbath for Myself

Modeling for Our Kids

Why Someone Should Come

Application of Studying a Great Book

Thinking Hard, Digesting Great Books

Time for Reflection!

Why Homeschool Tutors Should Come

Enjoyed Diving In

We Can’t Inspire if Our Well Is Empty

Just What I Needed!

Interested in hosting a Scholé Retreat in you town or region?

Send us a note here and we will get back to you with some further information about how you host a Scholé Retreat sponsored by the Scholé Communities Network.

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