Mining for Books: The Classical Reader

Dear Homeschooling Parent,

We think it’s important that you have the freedom to choose the curriculum that will best suit your students—that’s why Scholé Groups only asks that our members teach classical subjects, without requiring the use of any particular text or resource. We love that each Scholé Group is unique, and so we encourage groups to thoughtfully select books and resources that serve their students. That’s one of the great advantages of homeschooling!

However, we are also aware that the amount of material available to you is immense and can be overwhelming! In this information age, it’s sometimes hard to know how to choose between the sea of options and resources that present themselves at every turn.

When choosing which books our children will read, the stakes are especially high. The stories we read invite us into their worlds and have the potential to shape our thoughts and desires. The master storyteller C.S. Lewis once wrote, “Since it is so likely that [children] will meet cruel enemies, let them at least have heard of brave knights and heroic courage. Otherwise you are making their destiny not brighter but darker” (“On Three Ways of Writing to Children”)In essence, he is arguing that the stories we read as children have the power to affect us and equip us for the rest of our lives.

There are, indeed, a good many books that will help expand our children’s imaginations and cultivate virtue in them. Finding the best reading books, however, is somewhat like mining for gold; it requires much digging and much time. We’re guessing that, as much as you’d love to, you simply don’t have time to roll up your sleeves and dig through every book your child (much less your entire Scholé Group!) will open to ensure that it will cultivate in them the love of truth, goodness, and beauty. That is why the team at Classical Academic Press has done the mining for you. They have put years of research into The Classical Reader, collecting and analyzing the K-12 reading recommendations of classical educators from around the country, seeking those readings that have been important and pleasurable to generations of students. So, rest easy! You have a collection of gold nuggets just at your fingertips.

Now you can also enjoy a regularly updated and extended online version of The Classical Reader, which is available at ClasssicalReader.com—for free! Browse over 800 titles in the blink of an eye. You can sort the entire collection by grade, level, genre, author, or notation. Or, if you have a specific student in mind, you can filter your results according to the student’s specific needs and interests. Looking for a good read-aloud book for the grammar-stage students in your Scholé Group? Not sure which classics to dive into with your rhetoric-stage students? Our recommendations are just a few clicks away.


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