P etra Scholé Classical Community was created in 2020 to meet a need in our existing community of homeschool families for flexibility, more restful learning, and fostering Christian community, while using the liberal arts and a Christian classical approach. Our vision statement is “To create a Christian learning community, seeking to nurture wisdom and virtue in our members, through a classical education, for God’s glory.”
     We are a one-day a week community with nearly 30 families including kids from PreK to 12th grade. Our mentors include parents and other individuals with a passion for teaching and sharing their gifts.
     We open our community day with the kids in either calisthenics or math classes (taught by dads) while the moms have an hour of Mother Culture time with discussion, learning and fellowship. The whole community comes together for our Morning Opening time where we sing a hymn that we are learning, recite a catechism, pray together and have a short reading on virtues. This has been a wonderful way to start the day. The heart of our program is our Core class, which for each level includes history, writing, literature/great books, theology/apologetics and grammar or dialectic or rhetoric. These humanities classes are woven together with history as our basis so that the students in the Core classes have an integrated, classical experience which includes Socratic discussion, presentations, and commonplacing among others.
     The afternoon includes elective classes which consist of science, art, Latin, Spanish, debate, research, economics, civics, mock trial, geography and others. These are not all offered every year but on a rotating schedule. Our desire is to build a robust community, with emphasis on making it possible and desirable for high schoolers to continue all the way through. We were so happy to have a graduating class of three in this, our inaugural year!

     We are learning as we go and have made some changes to curriculum and schedules for the next year but believe that God has walked with us through all the decision making process. We continue to grow and develop in our understanding of the liberal arts and scholé in our community and homes. 

Our group is a non-profit governed by a Board of Directors. The members of the board are all moms from the group who have a vision to create a lasting and vibrant community that will be a support to the greater homeschool community in our area. We had two community-wide formal events this year for our high schoolers that were widely attended and greatly appreciated. We also hope to have many more opportunities for service this year, as 2020 was limited due to Covid.


Petra Scholé Classical Community with Molly Kitsmiller


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