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In the last few years, many of us have felt the lack of connectivity which we experience when gathering together. There is also a lack of personal connection through the growing attachment to smart phones and other digital devices. What has the impact been on you, your family, and community?

Scholé, in the words of Dr. Christopher Perrin, is an “undistracted time to study the things most worthwhile usually with friends with good food and/or drink.”  What is “most worthwhile”? What does it mean to be “with” our neighbors?

Although there is not time to address all these questions here, let’s consider, what does it meant to be “with” our neighbor. To be “with” your neighbor, you must be present, in unity.  The desire for unity and be in communion with each other was planted within each of us. We desire to unite with you, and for you also to unite with other like-minded educators on your scholé  journey! Many of you already have this same vision, we see it in your naming and also move in this direction.

This year we are excited to offer many new resources and options to support you on your journey. We have also chosen to make visible, who we are, Scholé Communities! Our desire is to journey with you as a global network of Scholé Communities and support you in your own nuclear Scholé Community!  We were created to love and to be united.

Our Scholé team is excited to make commUNITY more visible to all of you and to announce our name change to Scholé Communities!


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With much anticipation, we are thrilled to announce the NEW Scholé Communities platform housed on ClassicalU! We have been hard at work developing new resources for you, our Scholé Community Members! The new platform will streamline logins, resources, community support, training, teaching tools, file library and more!  Scholé Community Members will have the opportunity to select a membership plan according to the desired benefits of their choosing through a simple registration process. We hope you enjoy the NEW Scholé Groups platform and take advantage of all the benefits!!!

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