Scholé Group Name: All Saints Christian Academy
Group Website or Facebook Page: https://allsaintsnc.com/
Country: US
US States: NC
City: Cameron
Campus: Combo: Online & In-Person
Religious Affiliation: Ecumenical (All Christians Welcome)
Academic Style: All Inclusive
Terms List: Tuition & Teacher Run
Group Description:

All Saints Christian Academy…

…  is a Schole community of Christian families that facilitates contemplative, intentional learning, with a particular emphasis on Truth, Beauty, and Goodness. As a Classical Christian Hybrid and thus applying the Christian classical tradition, we seek to develop a child’s educational experience through the lens of God’s Word and the beauty of God’s creation. We seek to bring together like-minded Christian families in a liturgical community context offering high-quality, creatively taught classes for K-12th grades, punctuated by celebrations in learning, inspiring students to live out worship and virtuous action in community.

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