Scholé Group Name: Cornerstone Schole
Group Website or Facebook Page: Cornerstone Schole Facebook page
Country: US
US States: WA
City: Spokane
Campus: In-Person
Religious Affiliation: Protestant
Academic Style: Cooperative
Terms List: Volunteer/Parent Run
Group Description: We are an overtly Christian program, with classes for preschool-6th grade and nursery available on-site. We are a weekly co-op, where each family has at least one adult participating in teaching, helping, cleaning, nursery, etc and meet 28 weeks throughout the school year with additional field trips and activities available. On co-op days we focus on 4 subject areas: Literature, Writing, Science, & Art. We also believe in building up moms to be the best teachers for their children but providing opportunities for moms to learn and grow together, as we seek Schole not only for our children but for ourselves as well.

Our mission statement says, “Cornerstone exists for Christian families to glorify God as we cultivate wisdom and virtue in our children by nourishing them in the True, Good, and Beautiful.” We would love to have you join our intimate community in the pursuit of cultivating our children’s hearts and minds to the glory of God!

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