Scholé Group Name: Derby Scholé Community
Group Website or Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1557809957821386
Country: US
US States: KS
City: Derby
Campus: In-Person
Religious Affiliation: Ecumenical (All Christians Welcome)
Academic Style: Experience-Centered (Flipped Classroom)
Terms List: Volunteer/Parent Run
Group Description: Our group currently serves 1st-9th graders.


For 2020-2021, Derby Scholé Community is a whole-family Riches Group: we are all following the Scholé Groups curriculum with the CAP Latin, writing, and logic products at home. Our together-days will be focused on recitations, literature reading and discussion, art projects, and writing presentations that all ages will participate in together. We will also regularly meet for nature explorations and group movie days to watch famous Shakespeare productions, musicals and ballets.

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