Scholé Communities

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Group Name: Schole’ Fellowship Academy


Cost Structure: Tuition & Teacher Run
Country: US
State/Province: FL
City: North Port

Group Description:

Who We Are

We are an online community of homeschool families. During the school year, we meet throughout the week for our “Schole’ Learning Days” (i.e. our gatherings). On our online virtual Campus Days, our community of families comes together for a morning gathering, individual classes, and fellowship. We offer classes to students in four different stages of learning; Lower Grammar (K-2), Upper Grammar (3-6), Dialectic (7-9), and Rhetoric (10-12).

Benefits and Services

We provide our members with these benefits and services:

  • A vibrant community committed to restful, classical learning
  • A meaningful, enriching curriculum featuring the traditional, classical arts of grammar, logic, rhetoric, mathematics, science, and the great books
  • Online co-op schedule and calendar
  • Easy online access to a list of your student’s weekly assignments

Our Guiding Principles

Pursuing Wisdom . . . through a Classical Curriculum

Classical education is a long tradition of education that has emphasized seeking truth, goodness, and beauty and the study of the liberal arts and the great books. What are the liberal arts? They are grammar, logic, rhetoric (the verbal arts of the trivium), arithmetic, geometry, music, and astronomy (the mathematical arts of the quadrivium). Classical education also includes the study of Latin. The study of these subjects in the pursuit of truth, goodness, and beauty teaches students how to learn and how to think, and how to pursue wisdom.

It is precisely this kind of education that has produced countless great leaders, inventors, scientists, writers, philosophers, theologians, physicians, lawyers, artists, and musicians over the centuries. Classical education never really disappeared, but it did diminish starting around 1900 with the advent of progressive education. In an effort to restore this most proven form of education, the liberal arts tradition has been renewed and expanded again over the last thirty years.

We endeavor to renew this classical tradition in our Scholé Group. We do so by focusing on a core curriculum of Latin, writing, logic/rhetoric, arithmetic/mathematics, science, and a study of the great books. Our students study some of these subjects together with tutors during our Campus Days and others at home in their homeschools.

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  • Discounted teacher training from ClassicalU, available to all parents and teachers
  • Free access to live training webinars with leaders in the renewal of classical education
  • Access to the wider Scholé Groups network, a growing community of like-minded co-ops