Scholé Group Name: Sonoran Schole
Group Website or Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1210281429335204
Country: US
US States: AZ
City: Phoenix
Campus: In-Person
Religious Affiliation: Ecumenical (All Christians Welcome)
Academic Style: Cooperative
Terms List: Volunteer/Parent Run
Group Description: At Sonoran Schole our purpose is to provide a safe group; one that is directing each other and our children to a closer relationship with God, closer relationships with others, and closer to the person that God created each of us to be as individuals created in His image. Each parent is required to lead a class of their choosing that aligns with the structure/requirements of Schole. We currently have 10 families with children ranging in age from 4 to 13. The classes for the Fall Semester are Around the World Fine Arts, Anatomy Science, Fallacy Detectives, IEW, Presentations, PE, US History Battles Class, Nature Studies, Geography, and Exploring US History. We start our day off with morning Assembly and then some classes are one-room schoolhouse environments with mixed ages while other classes are age/ability based to challenge all levels of students. We are a coop where every parent is fully involved and relationships are key to our small group. 

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