Stonebrook Schole is a group of families seeking to cultivate wisdom and virtue and a love for the things worthy of being loved through community and enrichment. This group unofficially existed prior to being a schole group through years of friendship and attempts to come together to resource each other for a more structured and intentional time to learn.

Last year I discovered the Schole groups, and felt I found the solution to rounding up the growing number of homeschool families around me toward the common goals of community and a soul nourishing education. Stonebrook Schole was born.

Last year, the group served children in grades K-6. Going into this new school year, the group is now on route to include space for some 7th graders as well. We met every other week for 8 weeks each semester outside at a local park. Our meeting days were spent in an opening morning time where we began with prayer, monthly birthday celebrations, a hymn, and a passage of scripture for memorization. This was followed by rotations of nature study, read alouds with an emphasis on geography, and memory work. The rotations were accomplished by a rotation of volunteering moms. This coming school year is set up to potentially include a writing class for the middle schoolers, a Spanish rotation, and a switch in memory work to Shakespeare.

I believe this group served families and our educational aims in large part by reinforcing the communal enjoyment of things worth loving. The memory work, nature study, and read alouds all provided wonderful academic enrichment, but more than that, this group provided an invitation for moms and children to recenter and recalibrate hearts toward the good, true, and beautiful reality for which we are designed.

Enriching Your Scholé Group with Carissa Jansson of Stonebrook Scholé


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