The Year 2016: From Pilot Groups to Beta Groups

We are now wrapping up our first calendar year of Scholé Groups, a year during which we began working with twenty-two Pilot Scholé Groups from across the nation (and Canada!) who were willing to “test the concept” of scholé (restful learning) and travel with us. It has been a great year, and we thank all of the groups who have joined us on this journey toward restful, classical education.

We have learned a great deal about how to provide support to our Scholé Groups and about how restful learning can be pursued in homeschooling communities and families. During the last year, we have worked to grow our services to our Scholé Groups in several ways:

  • We hired Emily Price (who is doing great work!) to coordinate services and support.
  • We have developed and enhanced our national website (scholegroups.com), adding a resource library and interactive forum.
  • We have developed a superb Scholé Group website template that may be used and customized by any Scholé Group (you can see it at demo.scholegroups.com).
  • We have developed and released the first phase of ClassicalReader.com.
  • We have completed a beta site of ClassicalU.com, which we will release this winter.
  • We have conducted and recorded several training webinars with leaders in the renewal of classical education.
  • We have updated (and continue to update) our Scholé Groups Handbook based on feedback.

Now that 2016 is upon us, we have decided to grow our Scholé Groups Network from twenty-two to fifty groups. We are calling 2016-17 our Beta Year because we will continue to build out our key offering of ClassicalU.com during this time, while also working to refine and extend our Scholé Group Handbook.

This means that we will be accepting applications for Beta Scholé Groups beginning on January 1, 2016. Once we hit fifty approved applications, we will close the application process and concentrate on serving and developing those fifty groups during the 2016-17 school year.

The good news for groups applying in 2016 is that we will not be charging our planned annual fee of $100 per student, but are instead offering a significantly reduced rate. This week we will survey our twenty-two current Pilot Scholé Groups and then finalize our pricing structure for next year.

Individuals may also join our Scholé Groups Network for a small annual fee. A membership provides interested individuals with a number of valuable discounts, resources, and complimentary products.

We are excited about the progress we are making as we develop a practical approach for providing a restful, classical education to homeschooling communities across the nation, and we look forward to more collaboration with more wonderful families in 2016.

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Dr. Christopher Perrin is an author, consultant, and speaker who specializes in classical education and is committed to the national renewal of the liberal arts tradition. He co-founded and serves full time as the CEO/publisher at Classical Academic Press, a classical education curriculum, media, and consulting company. Christopher serves as a consultant to charter, public, private, and Christian schools across the country. He is the board vice president of the Society for Classical Learning and the director of the Alcuin Fellowship of classical educators. He has published numerous articles and lectures that are widely used throughout the United States and the English-speaking world.

Christopher received his BA in history from the University of South Carolina and his MDiv and PhD in apologetics from Westminster Theological Seminary. He was also a special student in literature at St. Johns College in Annapolis. He has taught at Messiah College and Chesapeake Theological Seminary, and served as the founding headmaster of a classical school in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, for ten years. He is the author of the books An Introduction to Classical Education: A Guide for Parents, The Greek Alphabet Code Cracker, Greek for Children, and coauthor of the Latin for Children series published by Classical Academic Press. Christopher has a passion for classical education and is a lover of goodness, truth, and beauty wherever it is found.

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