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What is a Scholé Community?

Scholé Communities are home education communities that employ the content of a classical curriculum and pursue restfulness in learning.

 What is a Scholé Community?

Dr. Christopher Perrin explains in this short video.

Scholé Communities are . . .


Scholé Communties are committed to a classical course of studies, a path that has been tried and proven since ancient times. The long tradition of classical Christian education has emphasized the seeking after of truth, goodness, and beauty and the study of the liberal arts and the great books. A classical education should be like a stroll through a garden of delight. As with any good walk, there may be digressions, but the main path—the key spots and visitations—should be known. Scholé Communties follow a core sequence of studies, which includes Latin, logic, writing, and rhetoric as well as the great books, mathematics, and science. Because each Scholé Community is unique in its setting and composition, we encourage our groups to structure community time according to thier specific needs and goals, focusing on certain areas of study together and others individually in their homes. Likewise, we encourage each community to use the tools and published resources they find most fitting and helpful.


Scholé Communties are united by their pursuit of restfulness in learning, or scholé. The word scholé (pronounced skoh-LAY) comes from a Greek word that means “restful learning,” with the connotation of “contemplation,” “conversation,” and “reflection.” Ironically, it is also the basis for our English word school, which no longer holds for us these restful connotations. Scholé Communties seek deep engagement that results in enjoyable, permanent learning that is free from anxiety—that is, they seek to put the scholé back into (home) schools. The concept of scholé cuts across the grain of modern education and therefore takes a principled commitment to the ideal in order to be implemented and realized. We provide each Scholé Communty with a variety of educational and practical resources for understanding and implementing scholé in their communities.


Scholé Communties are vibrant communities of adult and student learners united by a passion for truth, goodness, and beauty. Each Scholé Communty is comprised of three or more families who gather regularly to pursue studies together. While student learning is at the core of Scholé Communties, parent-teacher education is also of primary importance. Many Scholé Communties choose to integrate parent education into their community activities on a regular basis using ClassicalU, the teacher-training platform recommended by the Scholé Communties Network.

circle2and Flexible!

Scholé Communties have the flexibility to customize their practices to their unique settings. While Scholé Communties are united by the values above, they also exhibit a great deal of variety. Some Scholé Communties prefer maintaining a small group setting, meeting weekly in a member’s home and focusing on a few key areas of study. Other Scholé Communties have grown into large communities that offer a variety of courses and meet several times per week.  Likewise, individual Scholé Communties span a wide range of Christian backgrounds—some Catholic, some Protestant, and some Eastern Orthodox (see Scholé Communities Statement of Faith). We appreciate the diversity throughout our groups and encourage each group to seek a structure and focus that they prefer. While Scholé Communties have a great amount of flexibility, we understand that guidance can be helpful for those who desire it! With this in mind, we provide support and recommendations for Scholé Communties who are looking for guidance as they establish their structure.

Why become a Scholé Communty?

The Scholé Communties Network provides a wealth of benefits and resources designed to support the pursuit of restful learning.

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